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North America’s original and most trusted tick and mosquito control franchise


The mosquito eliminator!

The mosquito eliminator!

As you explore our site, you may notice a certain someone throughout. That’s our brand icon, Dread Skeeter, the ultimate mosquito and tick eliminator. Dread’s been with us since the beginning and is the definitive leader of the Squad.

Dread’s mission is to allow families to take back their yards and protect them from bugs and biting insects that are not only annoying but can transmit dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Lyme Disease, Dengue Fever and more.

As our brand icon and identifier, Dread Skeeter is synonymous with the Mosquito Squad brand. He makes our mosquito control franchise fun and approachable. From direct mail and websites to truck wraps, emails and yard signs, Dread is a key component to the brand’s marketing materials. We even have mascot-quality costumes so you may notice him at summer festivals, home shows and local parades.

The mosquito eliminator!

Affiliations and Awards

Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018

Hear from our franchisees

If it wasn't for the amazing support of the staff at OLB, there is no way I would have been able to get up and running in the time between May and have an operational business in the mid-June, early July timeframe.

- Curt Felix, Mosquito Squad of Cape Cod

Having a whole network of family of other people in business that are other franchisees and also having the great network of people at home base is huge to the business

- Patrick McKennon –Mosquito Squad of Nashville

The Outdoor Living Brands support team has been amazing. I couldn’t ask for better support.

- Karyn Brown – Mosquito Squad of North Austin

The support that we received from OLB the Mosquito Squad support team, and other franchisees has been overwhelmingly helpful.

- Nicole Rude

The support has been great… support from other franchisees was awesome. They put me in touch with some of the more seasoned franchisees and they were very welcoming and allowed me to come visit them. I would say the support has been outstanding.

- David Macchia, Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts

We love the idea of being our own bosses and growing a business that would give back to our community and allow us the flexibility to be with our young children

- Capricia Turner – MosquitoSquad of Greater Indianapolis