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North America’s original and most trusted tick and mosquito control franchise

What Makes A Good Franchisee

Discover if Mosquito Squad is for you

While pesky insects and biting bugs are no match for Mosquito Squad, your goals and business skills might just be the perfect match. We know what it takes to be a successful Mosquito Squad franchise operator. With steady growth, we have established some criteria of what may make us a fit for you:

  • Would you enjoy helping your community and working with people?
  • Would you enjoy organizing and managing a team?
  • Are you open to working within established and proven systems?
  • Do you have sufficient funds to meet the investment required?
  • Does taking control of your lifestyle in a seasonally paced business sound appealing to you?
  • Are you interested in protecting the health of families and businesses in your community?
  • Are you interested in building net worth for yourself and your family by building a successful business with a proven operating model?

These are just some of the questions we’ll ask as you work your way through the Mosquito Squad Discovery and Qualification Process where you’ll learn all parts of the business. Joining The Squad is a tremendous opportunity to pursue your personal, career, lifestyle, wealth, and income objectives. When making this kind of important business and lifestyle decision you will want to consider how well franchising and the Mosquito Squad brand align with your personal and business goals.

In order to define your goals as they relate to a pest control franchise, you can break it into 5 different categories:

  • 1. Income – Your recurring and short-term earnings through employment and investments
  • 2. Lifestyle – A manner of living that reflects your values and attitudes.
  • 3. Wealth – Having plentiful material goods and money.
  • 4. Equity – The interest in assets you have acquired and accumulated that can be unlocked someday through a sale.
  • 5. Debt Elimination – The ability to live comfortably without being burdened and stressed by carrying debt.

As you discuss your goals and the Mosquito Squad opportunity with your franchise recruiter, we’ll discover if we’re the right fit for you and vice versa.

Affiliations and Awards

Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018

Hear from our franchisees

Having a whole network of family of other people in business that are other franchisees and also having the great network of people at home base is huge to the business

- Patrick McKennon –Mosquito Squad of Nashville

The support has been great... support from other franchisees was awesome. They put me in touch with some of the more seasoned franchisees and they were very welcoming and allowed me to come visit them. I would say the support has been outstanding.

- David Macchia, Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts

We love the idea of being our own bosses and growing a business that would give back to our community and allow us the flexibility to be with our young children

- Capricia Turner – MosquitoSquad of Greater Indianapolis