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The Squad Gives Back: How Our Franchise Works To Fight Malaria

September 24, 2021


As mosquito experts, we understand that mosquitos pose a much more dangerous threat than just being annoying. They carry and transmit dangerous diseases like Zika, West Nile, and Chikungunya, among others. We take these mosquito-borne illnesses very seriously. Everything we do is designed to ensure the communities we serve are protected through the right preventive control services.


One of the most prevalent mosquito-borne illnesses in the modern world is malaria. While The United States was able to get rid of malaria over 70 years ago, you may be shocked to find out that, in 2019 alone, malaria claimed the lives of over 400,000 people worldwide and caused more than 229 million cases.

While the US was able to use insecticides, drainage ditches, and other equipment like window screens and nets, the rest of the world has not had the best of luck, especially in underdeveloped countries. More than 94% of cases are being reported in Africa. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals that contract and die from malaria could have been protected and saved by basic preventive methods.

Recently, COVID-19 has been one of the most significant setbacks in the fight against malaria. This is due to the increased shift of focus on COVID-19 care needed on all fronts. While the distribution of necessary mosquito fighting nets, pesticides, and other equipment that was paused because of the pandemic has since resumed, the danger that comes with malaria is as real as ever.


Since 2011, Mosquito Squad has worked with Malaria No More, a nonprofit global health organization dedicated to eliminating malaria worldwide.

In 2014, Mosquito Squad was able to help deliver 60,000 malaria treatments to children in Zambia as part of Malaria No More’s Power of One Campaign, supporting youth ambassadors and critical malaria education campaigns in Cameroon. Through this, and since our partnership, we’ve been able to raise well over $450,000!

We’ve been able to help support their work in ensuring the delivery of lifesaving and widespread communications to help educate children and communities on how to prevent and treat malaria through proper net usage and testing, along with supporting advocacy efforts in at-risk countries.


If you’re interested in donating to Malaria No More and help Mosquito Squad continue to give back, check out

If you’re looking to help fight malaria in your local communities, or simply looking to be a part of something bigger than yourself and make a real difference in the world with your next franchise, give our team a call!

We offer proven processes and methods designed to give you everything you need to build your own pest control company wherever you may be. Through this, you’re not only making a difference in your local community but also in the world as we continue to work towards ridding the world of this dangerous disease.

Need more information? Reach out to our team by contacting us online!

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