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North America’s original and most trusted tick and mosquito control franchise

Services & Process

Eliminating mosquitoes and ticks since 2005

Mosquito Squad is dedicated to allowing homeowners to take back their yards and spend more time outside without the nuisance and dangers of mosquito and tick bites.

Recurring Revenue Streams

Imagine starting each year of business with a base of existing clients ready to have your service again! That’s what you get with The Squad. Each year, our Mosquito Squad locations go through a renewal process with existing clients, providing the clients with the peace of mind that their mosquito and tick control needs are automatically taken care of, and providing you with increased cash flow. Read on to hear about our services.

The Protective Barrier Treatment

Created by our founders, The Squad’s most popular mosquito control option is our Protective Barrier Treatment. Our teams of trained technicians apply a fine mist to the property’s foliage and areas where mosquitoes are known to feed and harbor, eliminating them on contact. As it dries on the surface, our solution provides residual protection that effectively reduces the property’s mosquito population by up to 90%.

The Protective Barrier Treatment needs to be reapplied every 21 days. The majority of our clients are seasonal, resulting in treatments throughout the season at one package rate.

For those clients that do not want chemicals applied to their property, The Squad offers an all-natural solution that works as a repellent for up to 14 days.

Mosquito Squad
Mosquito Squad

Misting Systems

For residential and commercial property owners that would like a little more mosquito control we offer Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems. Installed on the property, misting systems emit small bursts of product at times of the day when mosquitoes are known to be their most active.

Tick Control

For many parts of the country, Lyme disease is a growing issue and more homeowners are looking for ways to protect their properties and families from ticks. In our tick control package, Mosquito Squad utilizes a combination of the Protective Barrier Treatment (which eliminates adult ticks on contact) and tick tubes at key times of the year when ticks are most active (to address nymph ticks).

Special Event Spray

Outdoor events are popular, but being bitten by mosquitoes at a wedding, graduation party, holiday BBQ, or other occasion isn’t. Our Special Events Spray keeps guests off the menu by applying a mosquito control spray 24-48 hours before an outdoor event.

Commercial and Municipal Properties

From outdoor concert venues and neighborhood common areas to soccer fields and restaurant patios, Mosquito Squad has protected it all. Commercial property owners, municipalities and management companies are all potential Mosquito Squad clients.

Affiliations and Awards

Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018
Mosquito Squad | 888-308-3018

Hear from our franchisees

Having a whole network of family of other people in business that are other franchisees and also having the great network of people at home base is huge to the business

- Patrick McKennon –Mosquito Squad of Nashville

The support has been great... support from other franchisees was awesome. They put me in touch with some of the more seasoned franchisees and they were very welcoming and allowed me to come visit them. I would say the support has been outstanding.

- David Macchia, Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts

We love the idea of being our own bosses and growing a business that would give back to our community and allow us the flexibility to be with our young children

- Capricia Turner – MosquitoSquad of Greater Indianapolis