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Mosquito Squad Core Principles And Values

September 12, 2023

In franchising, owners have a lot of choices in which business to start, though not all franchises are created equally. It’s important when choosing a franchise, to choose not only based on financial projections, but also take into consideration the mission, vision, and values of the brand. 

What sets Mosquito Squad apart from other franchise opportunities? Our distinctiveness shines through our emphasis on four key aspects: passion, service, education, and giving. These core values are deeply ingrained in the fabric of our outdoor franchise, and they guide everything we do.


The world of franchising offers numerous benefits to customers, making it a popular and advantageous option for consumers worldwide. One of the primary ways franchising with Mosquito Squad helps customers is by providing access to a trusted and established brand. Franchise businesses such as Mosquito Squad operate under-recognized names that have already built a strong customer base. This familiarity gives customers a sense of confidence and trust, as they know what to expect from the brand in terms of quality, service, and overall experience. This is great for a business owner as it brings more customers through the door.

Franchising with a trusted brand like Mosquito Squad brings several advantages to franchisees. For example, we have used our experience to create a model that prepares each business owner for ownership, starting with training and extending to annual field audits to ensure that the brand is being represented as intended. If our owner ever has any questions we are always here to answer them.

Our Values:

The trust consumers place in us comes from our passion which is at the heart of Mosquito Squad. We are passionate about helping owners get the best results for their business. This passion also drives us to provide exceptional service and deliver effective mosquito control solutions to our customers. We believe that when you’re passionate about what you do, it shows in the quality of your work and the satisfaction of your customers.

Service is another pillar of Mosquito Squad’s core principles. We prioritize delivering outstanding customer service at every touchpoint. From the first interaction to the ongoing support we provide, we strive to exceed customer expectations and ensure their complete satisfaction. Our commitment to service sets us apart and has earned us a loyal customer base. Having a trustworthy service ensures customers will come back to your business which potentially helps provide steady profits to the franchise owner. 

Education is crucial in the mosquito control industry. Mosquito Squad franchise owners receive extensive training and ongoing education to stay at the forefront of the industry. We provide franchisees with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver effective mosquito control solutions while maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility. By prioritizing education, we empower our franchisees to provide exceptional service and educate customers about mosquito-borne diseases and prevention.

Our in-person training is done at our facility located in Macon, GA. There you will be able to learn everything needed to fully prepare you for business ownership. This includes but is not limited to, customer service, operations, service efficiency, and so much more. 


At Mosquito Squad, we encourage local entrepreneurship by allowing franchisees to adapt their offerings to suit the specific needs and preferences of their local market. This flexibility enables franchisees to provide innovative solutions, unique offerings, and personalized experiences within the franchise system. This could be better equipment, better tech to make business ownership easier, or even new training offerings. By staying attuned to customer needs and preferences, franchisees can continuously evolve and improve their services, ensuring they remain relevant and ahead of the competition.

Mosquito Squad offers a reliable and consistent experience, making it easier for customers to make informed choices. Additionally, the localization and collective expertise within franchising foster innovation, leading to the introduction of new and improved products and services. With these advantages, customers can enjoy the convenience, reliability, and quality associated with franchised businesses, making franchising a win-win proposition for both franchisee customers and Mosquito Squad.

By joining the Mosquito Squad franchise network, you can start a rewarding entrepreneurial journey while helping customers reclaim their outdoor spaces from pesky mosquitoes and other pests.

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