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Choosing The Best Spot To Open Your Mosquito Control Franchise

October 22, 2021

Location. Location. Location.

You’ve heard it time and time again. While real estate pioneer Harold Samuel coined this term to emphasize the importance of location in the terms of buying and selling a home, it’s also important when you’re looking for the area to start your new business. The location can make or break your business, as even the best product sold in a market without the proper demand will still fail.

It’s essential to complete the necessary research because the location of your business determines your:

  • Demand for services
  • Attracting and retaining employees
  • Cost of operations
  • Taxes and regulations
  • Level of local competition
  • State or city incentives

Whether you’re planning on starting a business in your own backyard or looking to move states, you’ll have to complete the proper research to choose a place where there is high demand for your business.


While it’s crucial to find a visible location to attract foot traffic in some scenarios, it’s not when you decide to open a pest control business. This kind of business opportunity doesn’t require any storefront purchase upfront as long as you have a space for your office (the center of operations) and a place to store equipment (trucks, sprays, chemicals, etc.).

Because of this, deciding on the final location of your business isn’t as simple as taking a drive around the neighborhood. Luckily, the technology we have today allows us to complete it all from the comfort of your living room – probably where you’re sitting right now.

There are dozens of tools, resources, and online guides you can use to find the data needed to make an informed decision.

Online Resources To Find The Best Location For Your Business

Even doing a simple online search of “mosquitoes” on your favorite search engine can yield great results. You’ll have access to hundreds of articles, providing helpful insight into places around the country where mosquitoes and other pests are common – and demand for services is high.

PESTS.ORG’s mosquito forecaster is a great place to start if you’re looking to explore all your opportunities. It provides helpful information on the mosquito season for each part of the country and the general mosquito population increases we’re expected to see, some of which has already proved to be true.


Everyone uses search engines! Because of this, places like Google and Bing can be beneficial in deciding your next business move. So helpful that Google has created Google Trends, a site specifically to see the latest search trends and identify the popularity of specific keywords and phrases in the United States.

For example, with one search of “pest control,” you can see the popularity in theUnited States:

As well as what states are searching it the most:

From there, you can explore the specific regions and metros that are actively searching for it and related topics and search queries that offer insight on possible services you could offer. All of this is a great way to gather preliminary information needed to begin locking down a final location.


Once you have a few ideas for possible locations, you’ll want to explore the local competition to narrow down the exact center of your service area. Just like usual, Google is your friend. Spending an evening looking at nearby pest control competitions can give you the confidence or red flags you need to be aware of.

When exploring local competition, here are some key areas to research:

  • Local Business Names – Pay attention to the popularity of the local competition. Are they household names or mom and pop shops? Whatever the case, partnering with a well-known and established business can give your team the boost they need to compete.
  • Online Reviews – Online reviews reveal a lot about the local competition, precisely any weaknesses or gaps in their current service offerings. If you know that you’ll do better than your competitors, this is a great sign!
  • Local Service Offerings – Look at your competitors’ services. If your business will offer something they’re not, that’s great! What could you do to make yours different and, most importantly, better?


The market research process, whether in-depth or just a skim, requires a lot. If things seem daunting or you have a general idea of starting but need some professional advice, reach out to our pest control franchise – Mosquito Squad!

Our team works to provide you with the advice, guidance, and resources needed to reach any business goals. Whether that’s starting your very first business or expanding to the town over, we ensure you have everything you need to get started – including large territories to grow and scale your business and endless resources easily accessible.

In fact, the territories we offer are much larger than the competition and are sufficient enough to build a large-scale business that would take you purchasing three to four more territories from someone else.

Ready to explore your mosquito control business opportunities? Check out our available territories and give us a call at (844) 334-4671 to get started!

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